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The South Bend – Elkhart region has stories to tell. As a region, we celebrate what was and are eager for what will be. We’ve taken traditional industrial spaces that were the sites of our greatest successes and turned them into the hubs and hives of tomorrow’s best work. Universities with 175-year-old roots in the area are reaching out to feed tomorrow’s talent with startup hubs. The arts are all around, from the statue on the street, to a quilt-like garden, to Shakespeare in the park, to new music performed live in people’s living rooms, like back in the day. And nature, timeless, is right out the door, ready to fuel and replenish. This is a region that understands where it comes from and where it’s going.

The people who live here bring vibrancy to their communities. They look for the gaps and work hard to create bridges. They have scoped the region around them and took advantage of the amenities, opportunities and support available. There are numerous stories of the innovation and dedication of regional residents growing their business and growing their communities. Here are three we’d like to share with you.

Clay Bottom Farm

Social isolation is a problem for farmers today, and agriculture contributes 30% of global greenhouse gases. Modern farming must change, and here in Goshen—Clay Bottom Farm is trying a new way.

Culver Pediatric Center

Dr. Noemi Adame's parents immigrated from Mexico, and healthcare access was a luxury—she became a doctor to help people like her family. But corporate medicine has changed, and there are too many barriers. At Culver Pediatric Center, she is trying a different way.

Revive Homes

Barbara Turner grew up sharecropping in Mississippi, dreaming that one day she would own a ranch home and help other young families build homes of their own. Today she’s in her 60s, accomplishing her dream on the west side of South Bend.



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In the South Bend - Elkhart region, we’ve got a will and you’ve got a way. Our will is to help you succeed. Your way is innovative and entrepreneurial. We both have a job to do, and the South Bend Elkhart region is the best place to do it. We’re remaking a sense of place and manufacturing a new region. You’re looking for new opportunities and new places that welcome new thinking. We’re opening the door. You’re blazing the trail. In this campaign, the South Bend - Elkhart region creates opportunity and YOU take the opportunity and turn it into personal success. Each of us have a role to play in the advancement of the other.