+ Who We Are


South Bend Elkhart region

+ Who We Are

In the South Bend-Elkhart region, we’ve got a will and you’ve got a way. Our will is to help you succeed. Your way is innovative and entrepreneurial. We both have a job to do, and the South Bend Elkhart region is the best place to do it.

We’re remaking a sense of place and manufacturing a new region. You’re looking for new opportunities and new places that welcome new thinking. We’re opening the door. You’re blazing the trail. In this campaign, South Bend Elkhart creates opportunity and YOU (our audience) take the opportunity and turn it into personal success. Each of us have a role to play in the advancement of the other.

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+ We break the Ground

you build the Future .

+ Our Pillars

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+ Our Will, Your Way

There’s a job to do, and in the South Bend Elkhart Region, a midwestern work ethic is changing the narrative from rusty to ready.

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+ Rooted and Reaching

The South Bend-Elkhart region celebrates what was, and is eager for what will be.

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+ Dark Fiber, Bright Future

The region, a hub of high technology since some of the world’s most advanced vehicles were made here, has embraced the tools that are making and shaping the next generation.

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+ Access to Success

The South Bend Elkhart Region affords you the opportunity to live without being devoured by debt.

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+ Fast Track You

The South Bend-Elkhart region is an all-in kind of place.