Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Committee Strategies:


1. Business Ownership: Increase the number of minority and women owned businesses.

2. Visibility: Develop a database of minority professionals and students and raise the visibility of minority leaders.

3. Leadership: Increase minority participation in management training.

4. Networking & Sponsorship: Increase networking and sponsorship opportunities for minority professionals and students

5. Welcoming: Support immigrants to fully participate in social, civic and economic opportunities.

Committee Members:

Tracy Graham
Graham Allen Partners

Jacqueline Barton
Specialized Staffing Solutions

Bethany Hartley

Redgina Hill
Bethel College

Isaac Torres
Intercambio Express

Marian Hodges
Data Realty

Kristin Pruitt
RDA Liason
Lake City Bank

Jessica Koscher

Tim Sexton
University of Notre Dame

Amish Shah
Kem Krest

Marcia Tatay
Graham Allen Partners