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Are you looking for a new, exciting career? Have you been laid off and/or has your job situation changed recently? Are you unhappy with your current path and looking to pivot into a future that you’re passionate about? We can help! We are excited to partner with WorkOne for Indiana’s Rapid Recovery for a Better Future Campaign!

With Rapid Recovery, you can earn a quality, state-funded certificate in manufacturing, building & construction, IT & business science, health sciences, building & construction, and agriculture. We have partnered with many different trainers and educators to help Indiana residents take the next step towards a successful, sustainable career.

Get the support you need for a better future!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    WorkOne provides free assistance to job seekers and employers. They offer employment support to help you create or update your resumé, help you search for jobs and assist you in finding funding for additional training to gain new knowledge and skills. No matter where you are, they will do everything they can to help propel you forward.

    You are never expected to commit to the hours of a full-time job. Some training can be completed in a matter of weeks and only having class a couple times each week. And if you need other assistance with children or transportation, WorkOne will help you work through that as well.

    You must be a current Indiana resident to be eligible for these resources.

    No, you do not have to be a certain age and WorkOne will help and accept anyone of any age.

    Unemployment insurance is a separate program. Please visit https://www.in.gov/dwd/3474.htm, or call 1-800-891-6499 if you need unemployment insurance assistance.

    You will need to provide:

    • Drivers License or other related picture ID
    • Social Security Card or Birth Certificate

    You currently do not need to complete a FAFSA to utilize the Workforce Ready Grant.

    Yes, you can still utilize training funding even if you are employed.

    While many classes require a high school diploma, not all do. The WorkOne team will help you to navigate your options.

    No, WorkOne will help you work through your resumé.

    Please complete the contact form or call 574-237-9675 ext. 1178. Program options/procedures will be discussed and WorkOne will expedited your enrollment process.

    Regional Workforce Partnership

    Employer Training Grant

    Fill out the form to get connected to WorkOne

    Fill out the form to get connected to WorkOne

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    Whether you are an employer looking for pre-vetted and qualified candidates or have a training program you'd like to offer, please fill out this form or contact Cindy at 574-295-0105 ext. 3012 or email her at lrabbitt@gotoworkone.com to schedule a meeting.

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