South Bend – Elkhart Region Now Accepting Program and Project Proposals for READI Program Application

SOUTH BEND – ELKHART, Ind. (July 1, 2021) — Following the public launch of Get READI South Bend – Elkhart held on June 17th, the South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership has opened the online Get READI South Bend – Elkhart Submission Form for project and program organizers to provide details about their concepts and share details about the project or program including the goals, partners, impact and funding breakdown.

Proposals are segmented into two categories:

1. “Regional Cities” Projects are brick and mortar, quality of place projects that can have significant impact on the region.

2. Strategy-Driven Programs and Projects should be aligned with one or more of the five advisory committees for strategic initiatives through the South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership. These committees include:

a. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

b. Entrepreneurship

c. Education and Workforce

d. Industry Growth

e. Talent Attraction and Retention

For project and programs to be considered in the shaping of the South Bend – Elkhart region’s vision for the READI proposal, submissions must be received through the online form by 11:59 P.M. EST on July 18, 2021.

“The South Bend – Elkhart region has a strong track record of performing well under pressure, and this timeline is no exception. We are excited to see what communities across the South Bend – Elkhart region have in mind to shape a better future that advances economic growth, attracts and retains top talent,” says South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership President and CEO, Regina Emberton.

“Regional Cities” Projects will be shared with the South Bend – Elkhart Regional Development Authority for consideration. Strategy-Driven Programs and Projects will be shared with the five advisory committees of the South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership. Following the closure of the online form, the advisory committees will review and align programs and themes identified with the guidance of Fourth Economy, the third-party consultant engaged to support the region’s proposal development.

The intake of Strategy-Driven Programs and Projects and the Regional Cities Projects does not guarantee inclusion in the South Bend – Elkhart regional READI application. Should a project or program be selected for inclusion into the application, no promise of READI funding is being made, nor if a project or program isn’t included in the application does that mean it would not receive funding.

To access the online Get READI South Bend – Elkhart Submission Form, please visit our website by clicking here. For those that submitted an “idea” through the previous form, please submit greater details about your project or program through this link.

Summary of READI Program Timeline:

  • July 1, 2021: Communities must identify their region and notify the IEDC
  • July – August, 2021: Regions develop strategic plans
  • August 31, 2021: Regional plans are due
  • September – October, 2021: IEDC application review and regional presentations
  • December, 2021: First round of investment decisions are made and financial partnerships announced


About South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership
The South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership is a collaboration of the economic development partners from 47 smart connected communities in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. The Regional Partnership focuses on a long-term systemic approach to advance the region’s economy by aligning the efforts of various stakeholders around five key areas: Educating a world-class WORKFORCE, Recruiting and retaining great TALENT, Attracting and growing new economy companies in complement to our remarkably strong manufacturing INDUSTRIES, Promoting INCLUSION and sparking opportunities for minorities and Helping ENTREPRENEURS thrive. The Regional Partnership seeks to unify and collaborate so that together, the communities across the region to work together to achieve what cannot be done individually. For more information about the Regional Partnership, visit


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South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership