HustleSBE Graduate Highlight: Otho Farrow of Metropolis Greens

HustleSBE Cohort Three Graduate: Otho Farrow

Name of Business: Metropolis Greens

Website: Click Here

Business Description: Metropolis Greens is an indoor vertical farm, growing the very best micro and leafy greens inside of Freight Farm shipping containers. Our slogan is: Local, Fresh, Healthy.

We are local to the region in the heart of the midwest in the City of South Bend, IN. Currently serving southwestern Michigan, northern Indiana, and the Chicagoland area. Being local keeps our greens fresh and that freshness is delivered within a day of harvest. We are healthy because of our brand promise of no pesticides, no herbicides, and no negative environmental impacts, we also incorporate solar to reduce our carbon footprint. Our Mission is to provide communities with the most nutritious varieties of Micro and Leafy Greens available. We are currently servicing schools, hospitals, and incarcerated populations.

At what point did you realize the dream of your business was real: When I put my hand and mind to work on making the idea a reality.

Share a business lesson you have learned: The lessons I’ve learned in creating this business are to stay vigilant in finding solutions to problems and to do the hard work. The hard work are those things one doesn’t want to do or hasn’t made time to learn how to do it.

Are you from the South Bend-Elkhart region?/ Why did you come or stay in the area?: I am originally from the region area and grew up in Niles, MI. I moved to New York City in 2003 and spent 15 years developing my expertise and approach to business. I came back to the area in 2018 to be closer to my aging mother. Upon my return I realized the need for more nutritious and healthy options within the Michiana region as well as the Chicagoland area and I sought to implement trends already taking root in larger cities like New York. The trend is always having access to healthy food options and eliminating food deserts.

Share your favorite business resource. Why is it your favorite?: My favorite business resource is people within the community. I have had the good fortune to meet individuals like Beth North of Force 5, Dr. Mike Keen of Thrive Michiana, and Dr. Elizabeth Capdevielle of Notre Dame who make it their mission to connect likeminded souls who want to do great work. Also, programs like HustleSBE that assist business owners and entrepreneurs in getting the skills and tools necessary to be successful in business.