HustleSBE Graduate Highlight: Nakisha Thompson-McGee of McGee Medical Advocates

Photo of entrepreneur Nakisha Thompson-McGee

HustleSBE Cohort Four Graduate: Nakisha Thompson-McGee

Name of Business: McGee Medical Advocates

Website/Social Media: Click Here

Business Description: We are health insurance brokers and educators. We specialize in group health insurance and education. Once an employer obtains a health care plan from McGee Medical Advocates their covered employees will receive health insurance education and advocacy as a concierge service.

At what point did you realize the dream of your business was real?: “I realized my business was my reality when every time I thought about what I should be doing to grow, I came back to my business without even trying.”

What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?: “The advice I would give an aspiring small business owner will be to always be willing to learn but have discernment as to who to learn from and where to go to learn.”

Are you from the South Bend-Elkhart region?: “Yes, I am from South Bend. I was born in the area.”

Share your favorite business resource. Why is it your favorite?: “My favorite business resource I like because it makes revising my business plan effective and efficient. You don’t have to complete the steps on the site, I use it as a tool to follow along what I have or if I need to add or remove a section. ”

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