HustleSBE Graduate Highlight: Jess Koscher of Write Connections | strategy + design, LLC

HustleSBE Cohort Three Graduate: Jess Koscher

Name of Business: Write Connections | strategy + design, LLC.


Business Description: Write Connections blends the services of a full-scale marketing/advertising firm with strategic services to help our clients succeed. We provide social media management, copywriting, creative design, branding, web hosting, web design just to name a few. We also assist strategically with strategic planning, executive coaching, and project planning and implementation. Our DEI services include coaching, article writing, strategy, and even talent vetting.

At what point did you realize the dream of your business was real?: I’m not sure I have realized it yet. It’s been 18 months of hustling and pivoting. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out my marketable skills, networking, and being open to what the universe offers. I think this year, with the change in my business model and watching my firm grow… that is when I’ll start realizing my dream.

Share a business lesson you have learned: Lag time is torture. In the beginning, I would have many proposals out and the lag time between writing the proposal and landing the client was hard. I’m a super-achiever and when I write a proposal, I get really excited. During the lag time my motivation sometimes also lags. I’ve had to learn to pace myself and be patient.

Are you from the South Bend-Elkhart region?/ Why did you come or stay in the area?: I grew up here in Wakarusa and then moved to Chicago and Fort Wayne for college. I came back to the area after school but never intended to stay. However, at some point, I realized I had a great community here and have made it my home.

Share your favorite business resource. Why is it your favorite?: I live and die with three apps that help me keep all the balls in the air. Toggl which helps me know how much time I’m spending on my clients. This is crucial because my service is time-based. Click-Up helps me break down tasks in easy bites and assign my crew tasks as well. It’s great because I can see in one place what I need to do on any given day. I even keep my client list and my billing deadlines on it. Slack is essential to keeping in touch with my team, since a lot of my team are freelancers and work at odd hours, they are able to share documents and chat with me when they are working, and I can do the same.


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