Governor’s Workforce Cabinet and Office of CTE Announce $1.5 Million in Additional Funding for High School Career and Technical Education Programs

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Governor’s Workforce Cabinet announced today that it will make an additional $1.5 million available to ensure CTE Districts have the resources necessary to provide students safe, high-quality CTE programs during the 2020 – 2021 school year. This funding is designed to help offset COVID-19 related expenses and will benefit schools and career centers across the state. The additional funding can be utilized for PPE, COVID-19 testing for students participating in work-based learning, substitute teacher pay to cover classroom supervision for medically vulnerable CTE staff, stipends for CTE teachers offering additional lab hours, equipment / supply needs, and other expenses that may be necessary to provide CTE instruction during the pandemic. CTE Districts can also continue to utilize their previously allotted Perkins funding in accordance with their local plans.

“We know that schools and career centers across Indiana are experiencing additional costs this year as they attempt to provide safe, high-quality CTE programs to students,” said Governor’s Workforce Cabinet Executive Director P.J. McGrew. “This additional funding will help ensure CTE districts have the funding necessary to cover COVID-19 related costs and continue to deliver CTE programs with maximum student benefit.”

A total of $1.5 million is available for CTE Districts to utilize this school year. Each eligible CTE District will receive $20,000 in base funding plus an additional amount based upon the district’s Perkins Basic formula distribution. This funding will allow CTE Districts to utilize their Perkins Basic grant distribution in accordance with their local plans, while leveraging additional resources to provide a safe learning environment for CTE students.

A full list of funding recipients and their allocation is available here.


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About the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet
The Governor’s Workforce Cabinet (GWC) was formed in 2018 with the mission of addressing current and future education and employment needs for individuals and employers, strengthening Indiana’s economy by integrating and aligning state and federal resources, and ensuring a talent-driven education and workforce system. The membership of the GWC includes the business community, K-12 representatives, postsecondary institutions, Indiana lawmakers, and leaders from Indiana state agencies.