Elevate Origins Graduate Feature: Emmanuel Acheampong of ROBO-BootCamp

Elevate Origins Featured Graduate: Emmanuel Acheampong

Name of Business: ROBO-BootCamp

Email: Click Here

Describe your company: ROBO-BootCamp is leveraging artificial intelligence to help people navigate online learning to best prepare them for the future of work.

What have you learned from the program?: “The Elevate Origins program taught me a lot of things such as, how to put together an amazing pitch deck and executive summary, how to pitch your idea in a matter of minutes, and how to demonstrate traction that matters. However, the most important thing I took from the program was the wonderful community and comradery that came with the entrepreneurial community in the region.”


About Elevate Origins Pre-Seed and Seed Programs
Elevate Origins Pre-Seed and Seed Programs provide virtual group learning, one-on-one coaching and live pitch practice to startups. The Elevate Origins Pre-Seed Program is specifically for startups that have not yet generated revenue. Aspiring entrepreneurs who may not have a business idea yet, or instructors of entrepreneurship classes that are looking to supplement their classwork with institutional investor-designed programming, are also encouraged to participate and will find value in the content.

The Elevate Origins Seed Program is reserved for revenue-generating startups and for life science companies that have completed pre-clinical trials. This training places a greater emphasis on developing business models, pitch decks, and executive summaries from lessons learned and data collected.

For both programs, participants will develop investor-ready pitch decks and executive summaries appropriate for their business stage. Ultimately, they will have all the tools needed to compete for an Elevate Nexus Pre-Seed or Seed Pitch Competition Award, where every year 35 investments ranging from $20,000-$100,000 are made in Indiana-based startups.

Elevate Origins is offered at no cost to the entrepreneurs. Funding to operate Elevate Origins comes from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and U.S. Economic Development Agency.