COVID-19 Updates

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Back on Track Indiana - Governor Holcomb's Roadmap to Safely Reopen Indiana

Let’s safely open Indiana’s economy and remain vigilant about protecting our health and well-being. Governor Holcomb and the state of Indiana are starting by applying that has been learned about taking precautions to protect ourselves and others against this virus as we build business, employee and consumer confidence. Ultimately, the state will get back on track and create an even stronger Indiana. To learn more about "Back on Track Indiana" plan, CLICK HERE.

CICP's Safe Return-to-Work Playbooks for Indiana Businesses

The Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP) and Columbus-based Cummins Inc. have released guides to share emerging best practices for reopening the workplace. The return-to-work playbooks focus on the manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, office, and customer-facing work settings. Each playbook includes recommendations and best practices from health experts and organizations, in addition to other officials and company leaders. The playbooks feature a section on key decisions businesses can consider prior to restarting. CICP Chief Executive Officer David Johnson says the playbooks are designed to help businesses as the era of COVID-19 continues over the next 12-18 months.

The playbooks include:

Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Returning to Work & Recovery Guide Now Available

The guide was created in partnership with the Indiana Manufacturers Association, with guidance on the following: Expanding/Resuming Operations, PPP, Disinfection Protocol, Self-Distancing, Monitor & Detection, Procedures for Suspected Infection, Signage, Return to Work Contingency Planning & Checklist. Email Purdue MEP if you have any questions, or if your organization needs additional assistance. To obtain the free guide, please complete the form here.

National Restaurant Association issues guidance for restaurants readying to reopen

Document incorporates best practices from ServSafe, academia, government and industry to provide guidance on food safety, health and hygiene, cleaning, and social distancing. View Document.

Indiana Economic Development Association COVID-19 Resources

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the economy and just about every business in the region. The Indiana Economic Development Association has provided these resources to help. View Resources.

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