On November 6, 2019, Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined City leaders and regional partners for the grand opening of South Bend’s Technology Resource Center (TRC) in Ignition Park.

The TRC was built with the mission of democratizing technology and catalyzing inclusive innovation in the region. The TRC is a co-location between the City’s Department of Innovation & Technology, South Bend Code School, and the Bloomberg-funded Commuters Trust. Adjacent to the core tenants is a training space open for use to nonprofits, residents, and City partners.

“The Technology Resource Center is an invitation for residents, national partners, and local institutions to learn and problem solve with the City.” says Mayor Pete Buttigieg. “From smart sewers to lifelong learning applications, the City has long benefited from co-building innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges. We look forward to seeing what exciting projects arise at this collaboration hub.”

“At its heart, the TRC is flexible, creative space with a common regional mission: to strengthen South Bend’s technological future for all.” says Denise Linn Riedl, the City’s Chief Innovation Officer. “The programs at the TRC mark the next step in South Bend’s commitment to open, innovative government. It will house everything from cross-sector partnerships, to data training, to digital inclusion events.”

In April 2017, the Redevelopment Commission approved $2.7 million to fund the initial build out of the TRC. In 2019, the build-out was further supported by funding from the Lilly Endowment as part of the Labs for Industry Futures and Transformation (LIFT) Network. The LIFT Network will enhance and link cutting edge expertise, technologies, workforce development programs and innovation-based facilities throughout the broader South Bend-Elkhart region.

In the Winter of 2019 and Spring of 2020, the TRC will host a Data Analytics Bootcamp to help local workers skill up for local entry level programming and data jobs. In 2020, the City will open its nationally lauded SB Academy Workshops to the public at the TRC. Residents can visit southbendin.gov/trc to learn more, get involved, and receive updates on programming and events.



About Labs for Industry Futures and Transformation (LIFT)
Labs for Industry Futures and Transformation (LIFT) Network and the associated iNDustry Labs is a collaborative platform that will support industry advancement by providing cutting-edge expertise, technologies, workforce development programs, and innovation-based facilities for collaboration across higher education, community and industry partners. Collectively these efforts will support the South Bend - Elkhart Region through the transformation to an increasingly digital and automated future, enhancing the current manufacturing base with new business models, technologies and tailored workforce training programs while accelerating new high-tech sector growth in the region. LIFT and the associated iNDustry Labs at Notre Dame was catalyzed by a $42.4 million Lilly Endowment grant awarded to the University of Notre Dame and the South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership.