APRIL 2, 2020: UPDATES FROM THE Education and Workforce Committee


Both the resiliency and strength of the South Bend - Elkhart region’s education-workforce ecosystem was tested within recent weeks. Evident through operational shifts, education providers have had to transition to e-learning nearly overnight, and most companies are requiring their employees to work remotely. While several in-person activities are set to be postponed and/or cancelled until further notice, members of the South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership’s Education and Workforce Committee continue to move forward with planning work related to their prioritized areas of focus which include; apprenticeship, internship, and career exploration system development.

National Highlight: Regional Partnership Director of Education and Workforce, Leighton Johnson, recently co-authored a piece, “From Flyover Country to Talent Central: How Indiana is Leading the Pack Linking the Learn-And-Work Ecosystem” which highlights the emerging state-level work with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, focused on improving credential transparency related to emerging needs of industry.

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