LIFT Network Career Exploration


For the South Bend - Elkhart Region

Career Exploration may be defined as the process of engaging a learner in researching, evaluating, and investigating modern career opportunities for the purposes of supporting said learner’s identification of a career pathway. Career exploration occurs in many spaces whether the setting is academic or not and may relate to an individual learner at any stage of their career span, whether the learner is pre, mid, or a late-career individual. The LIFT Network is investing in resources to improve systems level delivery of career exploration models – that support the quality of career advising support provided by educators, advisors, and/or career coaches within regional K-12 and adult education environments.

As observed in the 2018 Career Coaching and Navigation Report, commissioned by the Indiana Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, “Students must be systematically exposed to a full range of potential career opportunities through well-coordinated exploration activities that include regular visits by area employers, workplace tours, career interest inventories and classroom instruction that incorporates career focused topics and concepts to connect what they are learning to activities outside the classroom.”


About the Program

MFG Day is an initiative of The Manufacturing Institute, with the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association as a founding partner. The Institute grows and supports the manufacturing industry’s skilled workers for the advancement of modern manufacturing. The Institute’s diverse initiatives support women, veterans, students and workers through skills training programs, community building and supporting the advancement of their career in manufacturing. As the workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, the Institute is a trusted adviser to manufacturers, equipping them with resources necessary to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.


Coming Fall 2020


Career Exploration for the K-12, 2020 – 2021 academic year has been re-imagined across the South Bend – Elkhart region.


Regional partners came together to form the Regional LIFT Career Exploration Taskforce with the goal of supporting a Virtual MFG Day this fall.


Videos were created for nine employers across the Advanced Manufacturing sector to highlight key career information related to the industry.


To our Regional Partners