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As the nature of work changes, the need for a reskilled/upskilled workforce emerges. The South Bend – Elkhart region has created a resource, Regional Skills Accelerator, addressing the workforce training demands of industry, a company driven model supporting employers' automation efforts as they transition to a more digital economy.

The Regional Skills Accelerator offers training grants supporting employee skill development and earning of industry recognized credentials and certificates. The Regional Skills Accelerator pilot will encourage an innovation-led employee empowerment culture, addressing skill sets that are critical today and tomorrow while supporting regional companies with their digital upskilling transformation journey.

The South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership (SBE Regional Partnership) will work with the region’s Lead Economic Development Organization partners (LEDOs), iNDustry Labs Engineer in Residence (ENIRs), and education training program partners to amplify continuous learning opportunities, improve employee retention and confidence, and encourage diversified workforce environments in companies throughout the South Bend - Elkhart region.


Company Requirements

The model of the Regional Skills Accelerator aligns directly with the aims of the overall initiative to increase productivity, improve resilience, and increase the supply of an advanced workforce for our region’s companies. To receive short term training education subsidies as part of this accelerator, employer eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The company must be an Advanced Industry and/or Manufacturing Sector private industry firm.
  • Company must be a private industry organization located within Elkhart, Marshall, or St. Joseph counties.
  • The training chosen must be short term and earn an industry recognized credential or certification from an approved training provider.
  • Employees must be full-time employees of the company.


About the Regional Skills Accelerator


Employers identify the specific workforce training needs for their respective company.


Company recognizes a skill deficiency or an upskill needed in their workforce and identifies local industry recognized training credentials or certificates that will benefit the employer.


Company designates related training provider(s) from pre-approved partner list provided by the Regional Skills Accelerator.


Company identifies overall plan for Regional Skills Accelerator to select either internal full-time employees and/or external future full-time employees.


Company applies for approval via link provided for application. The review committee will meet on a monthly ongoing basis to approve or deny applications and will be notified as such by the South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership.


Company launches accelerator and training provider receives subsidy of up to $750 per employee from the Regional Skills Accelerator to offset related training instruction costs per employee. The maximum amount a company can be awarded per year is $15,000.


Company agrees to share with the South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership a copy of the credential or certificate gained through this accelerator once instruction is completed.


Regional Skills Accelerator Fund

The South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership is managing a fund to advance the training of adults participating in short term credential/certification programs. Employers are eligible to receive a subsidy of up to $750 per employee, which will reimburse the employer up to $15,000 per year to cover related training instruction from regional education providers. Subsidies are structured with a one-to-one employer matching contribution.




Jill Scicchitano
Chief Operating Officer
South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership
O: 574.344.4686 ext. 4806 | C: 813.508.4383


Regional Skills Accelerator Application

We appreciate your interest! Please complete the Regional Skills Accelerator application below. Upon submission, your company's application will be reviewed by the Regional Skills Accelerator Review Committee during the committee's monthly meeting. Once a decision has been reached, you will be notified by the South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership.

The review committee is made up of representatives of all LEDO’s in each county, iNDustry Labs ENIR, and a member of the South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership.


Thank You!

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