Regional Internship Program for Employers


We’ll find the students — and help pay them, too!

Access to a tailored prospect list filled with quality internship candidates sourced from local colleges and universities that continuously updates as additional students apply for your roles

Guidance for hiring international students through Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Up to two (2), post-internship, 50% intern wage reimbursements (max of $2,500 each). An additional 25% wage reimbursement (up to $1,250) may be awarded to companies who hire candidates from underrepresented backgrounds (Women, Black, Latinx, International Students, etc.) or who re-hire former Regional Internship Program Interns

Several Summer Professional Development and Networking Events that your interns can attend to enrich their internship experience


Company Requirements

In order to receive intern wage subsidies as part of this program, employers must comply with the following eligibility requirements, as defined by the grant supporting this initiative:

  • Company must be a for-profit company or non-profit organization or hospital network located within Elkhart, Marshall, or St. Joseph County.
  • Company must hire for internships in Occupational Pathways such as Data Science, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, IT, Non-Profit, Non-Technical, Product Design, Social Services, Software Development, Supply Chain, Technology, or other related fields. Preference given to project-based internships where no more than 20% of responsibilities would be considered clerical/administrative.
  • Company must compensate interns at least $15/hour for a minimum of 300 internship hours over at least 8 weeks for summer internships, May through July, or through spring and fall semesters.
  • For in-person, summer interns only: Company should encourage intern attendance at Digital Skills Accelerators at local colleges, as well as a minimum of 3 Regional Network Internship Program events between May and August.


Program Timeline

Submit Application

After attending information sessions to learn about the program, employers submit an application, including internship job description(s).

Sign MOU and Receive Prospect List

Approved employers execute an MOU, participate in a hiring process training session, and receive access to a tailored prospect list of applicants sourced from regional colleges and universities.

Interview and Hire Candidates

Employers conduct candidate interviews, sourced from their tailored Regional Internship Program prospect list or from their own recruiting efforts. Once an intern is hired, the employer sends intern information to the Regional Internship Program via a hiring form.

Host Internships

Employers manage intern projects while encouraging intern attendance at Regional Internship Program Professional Development and Networking Events.

Process Wage Reimbursements

Once an internship is completed, employers submit a Post-Internship Survey and an Hours Reporting Log to the Regional Internship Program to begin the wage reimbursement process.


PROGRAM CONTACT Please direct any questions to Alicia Einfalt, the Regional Internship Manager, at


Employer Application

Please review the Company Eligibility Requirements listed on the webpage, as well as the information and conditions above before completing the form.


To our Program Partners


Center for Civic Innovation




Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce

Plymouth Chamber of Commerce