IT Needs Survey for the South Bend – Elkhart Region


Thank you for your willingness to partner with the newly formed IT Sector Partnership (ITSP) for the South Bend - Elkhart Region. Our mission is to identify what the most important IT skills and technologies in our region are and then train people in those areas. For us to get the ball rolling we need to know what you think, what you are seeing in your business or organization, and what gaps you currently are experiencing. We need your input in order to set the course for the ITSP.

This initiative is administratively supported by the Garatoni Family Office. This survey is conducted through the collaboration of the Garatoni Family Office, South Bend Regional Chamber, and HorizonEducation Alliance. The IT Sector Partnership is supported by grants from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and the Garatoni-Smith Family Foundation. For any questions concerning the IT Sector Partnership or the survey, please contact Shabbir Qutbuddin, Director of IT Sector Partnership at or by phone at (765) 775-8771.

The information collected from this survey would be used for training new recruits and upskilling existing employees. The results of this Survey will determine the actions we will take to meet these needs. We thank you for completing this survey and a report of the collated results will be sent to all survey respondents. Please complete this survey by 8/27/2018Your response will be kept confidential and only reported on an aggregate basis.

This survey is comprised of three sections:

  1. IT Jobs Need
  2. IT Skills/Technologies Need
  3. Additional Questions