IDEO Design Research to help create a City of Lifelong Learning!


IDEO Design Research is working with the Drucker Institute on a project for the City of South Bend and YOU can provide input and get PAID! What’s better than that? The IDEO process of Design Thinking is very cool and I’d recommend participating if you have the time and inclination!

Calling the people of South Bend, Indiana! IDEO is working on a project about learning.

You May Be:
~ A DIYer who likes to fix things around the house and turns to YouTube to figure out how to do it
~ A curious retiree who likes to keep an active mind and spirit
~ A full-time worker who is glad that school years are a thing of the past
~ A parent who homeschools their kids using online and local resources

We are seeking people with a point of view on learning that could help inspire our thinking and design process. We'll be meeting with individuals 1:1. All conversations will be held in private homes in SOUTH BEND INDIANA APRIL 17 - 19. Each person will be compensated $100 - $150 via PayPal or Venmo.